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Accelerated Reading

We joined the Accelerated Reading Programme (or Star Reading as it is sometimes called by the children) in September 2010. We were able to do this with the support of Friends of Barnish and a donation from the parish to set up a new library in school and stock it with new books.

Accelerated Reading has been a major success in Barnish. Initially it involved only pupils from P5 – P7 but in September 2011 was extended to include P3 and P4. The programme complements the work started in P1 – P3 through Bookworms and the Storysack scheme where the aim is to encourage reading for pleasure and lifelong reading habits.

Children are tested to provide a baseline using a computerised test to set a reading level and to provide the teacher with detailed information about their skills and suggestions for further development. This test is repeated each year in September.

The scheme then involves children reading books at their level and completing a computerised quiz to check comprehension. The child receives a score and a printout of progress which is then discussed with the teacher. Children build up points and receive awards along the way to mark their achievements.

Since starting the programme we have noticed several benefits;

 All children are reading more books independently,
 The competitive element has especially motivated our boys to read more,
 Receiving the awards in Star Assembly encourages children to further effort,
 As children read at their own level they have more confidence in their own ability,
 Our children are reading a wider range of books and are able to choose books for themselves that are at their level and of interest to them.

We have now introduced Home Connect so that our parents can become involved supporting their children in the programme by;

 helping them choose books at home, at the library or bookshop that are in the programme,
 noting the type and range of books that interests their child,
 checking their child's progress.

Each parent has been given a special password to access their own child's information online.

Accelerated Reading - Home connect

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